wheather you are using a laptop or desktop computer one of the important programs that you should have in your PC is Who Talks My Cam. This program mission is to prevent and stop spying right away, thus it protects you from being spied on by hackers or some applications that run your camera in the background without your permission.

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Who Talks My CAM does not detect the spying program only but it provides also a solution to handle it. “If a spy program is detected, there is a possibility of the programs webcam being closed, stopping it from spying on you altogether. Apart from disabling and blocking the webcam of the spy software, the program is also able to get in the way any spy processes of the program, disabling or diverting them so that your data, activities and conversations remain secure.” As stated on phrozensoft.com

current Session Webcam Events.

Regarding toast notifications, if anyone wants to spy on you, an immediate sound will notify you of that threat. Whereby you will have the chance to stop your activities and deal with it by one simple click


Application white list system is a list of acceptable and trusted applications that the program does not stop. Not only this, the program does report you of all the activities and usage of your webcam. It means you can access all details about webcam event.

Application White List System


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