you have so many private or personal pictures, folders and documents that you won’t other to see or open them, the solution is a folder security application that let you protects all files in a matter of seconds. Folder Lock  is a security application that allows you to do that. It can password-protect, lock, hide and encrypt any number of files. 


  1. Can lock files and folders so that more secure.
  2. Can encrypt files and folders.
  3. Support portable locker.
  4. Create digital wallet to secure important data such as credit card and other.
  5. Can delete files permanently so they can’t be recovered.
  6. Delete Windows history and activity on your computer.
  7. Lock folders with passwords so can’t be accessed.
  8. Support Windows 10.

How to Download it for Windows desktop?

  • visit
  • Folder Lock page download
  • click on download button.    

click here to visit download page directly 

file lock

The app is available also for Android and Ios.


  • Download latest version of File Lock ( don’t worry the download is secure) 
  •  Run the setup
  • Complete the installation
  • Now launch the program and use it to protect your personal files. 

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