According to twitter’s policy, 140 characters is the maximum number of characters allowed per tweet in twitter. That why users resort to some of the services that allow them to deploy long tweets within the site, while others prefer to number their tweets manually and gradually to inform reader that tweets are related to each other.

Storm it application offers to users who are wishing to share long tweets a flexible and easy service that deploys long tweets separately and automatically. All you have to do is to focus on your tweet and write all of it without truncation. And then let Storm it do its job; it will divide your tweet into parts and numbers each Tweet gradually and automatically without user intervention.

– Collect all your thoughts / ideas and tweet storms in one place
– Storm your ideas on Twitter maintaining the response chain
– Automatically add the count to your tweetstorm – 1/N or 1/
– You can even send single tweets (less that 140 characters… 1/n or 1/ will not be added)
– All ideas are stored as drafts (forecasted) and editable if they aren’t tweetstormed yet
– Preview (eye icon) now shows the tweets as they will appear in the timeline

install button android

storm it logo; screen shot by technical for web