Akyumen has announced its new smartphone Holofone Phablet that supposed to be available in markets in September 1st. this phone is coming with new and notable features.

This phone features make of it a powerful smartphone that can compete others in markets. Holofone Phablet holds two operating systems; Android Marshmallow and windows 10 for pcs, a built-in 45-lumen projector that can project up to a 100 inch, 7-inch screen with 1080×1920-pixel resolution , it works with  a quad core Intel Cherrytrail 8300, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage that can be expanded via MicroSD card.

Believe It Or Not, Holofone Phablet Runs Windows 10 And Android.png

Can you believe that all Holofone Phablet preorders for the September 1st are sold out?  This shouldn’t shock you by the way, what do you expect from a phone with new and notable features like these?

You will be able to preorder your Holofone Phablet as soon as Akyumen reopen preorders. The phone price starts at $750 up to $950.

sources: Akyumen & Theverge.com