Microsoft and a German company called LIEBHERR have developed a new smart refrigerator ‘SmartDeviceBox’ which will be able to identify internal products and remind you of products that you need to buy from the market, without even opening it.

Cortana, Cameras, internal computer and a new technological system that can recognize products are the components of this smart refrigerator.

To get notified of the food which you need to bring home from the market, the refrigerator must be connected to the internet.

The internal computer of ‘SmartDeviceBox’ does compare the internal pictures of products with other pictures that were saved previously to the refrigerator system. Once a product is expired or used, the refrigerator will notify via the use of your smartphone, or other mobile device.

You can also adjust the settings of the refrigerator to automatically check food and product expiration. It is noteworthy to mention that the project is still under development by Microsoft Corp and the German company LIEBHERR


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