More than one Million driver die because of road accident annually, in addition to 20-50 million are injured or lost their ability to live a normal life and more than half of road accident takes place between young adults ages 15-44.

Unfortunately, these are dramatic statistics show irresponsibility and unseriousness while driving especially among teens who sometimes brag just to impress others, neglecting that Recklessness and venture could cause death or serious disabilities.

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Fortunately, technology may help in decreasing road crashes. Microsoft’s new patent is about improving the safety of teen drivers during driving.

It is called ‘Mobile Device for Safe Driving’ and it is a service that it is aimed to determine drivers’ behavior while they are behind the wheel and alerts them while as well as sending alerts to the teen’s parents notifying them of their children behavior while driving.

I think that Microsoft’s new patent could decrease road crushes and ensure teen’s safety. We hope to see this technology functioning as soon as possible. You can read full patent here:
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