Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a new system that has the potential to read through a closed book. The technology used is terahertz radiation by which the system can look deeper into multiple pages.

The only challenge they are facing is that the system can’t read more than 9 pages of a closed book. Developers argue, with the advancement of technology we will be able to develop it to read more pages or maybe the whole book.

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Researchers say, for the sake of reading a closed book there are four things that you have to do. First, is to have a radiation that goes though the papers. Second one is to have time resolution to distinguish between pages. Third, is to have spectral information of different inks and the last one is the ability of recognizing the characters.

The MIT researchers developed the algorithms that are able to recognize characters though some of their parts are missing.

It is noteworthy to mention that systemcan’t give you enough information about the content, but you can get info about the layers due X-rays or sound waves, stated by MIT.

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By TechnicalforWeb via MIT